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New Dancehall Mix (April 2018) GREATNESS By Dj Treasure

DJ Treasure is arguably one of the most gifted DJs Jamaica has been blessed with. His stage name reflects his ability to mix music in a way that keeps you hunting and wanting more.

Treasure was born in 1986 in Kingston, Jamaica to Annette and Bing. Like mad ants on a wall just before a rainy day, DJ Treasure commands your weddings, parties, dances, reunions and set ups like no other, and does this with ease through genres, styles and eras. No venue is too big or too small to be bombarded with DJ Treasure’s electrifying sounds.

With music as his passion since primary school, he was mesmerized by Richie Antraxx’s (community selector) work at the turntable. Though he has now formed his own, he salutes persons like Sky Juice, Mad Ras, ZJ Chrome and ZJ Liquid for being motivators to his craft; along with his inspirations; Beenie Man & Nelly.

▶ DJ Treasure Mixtapes: https://www.youtube.com/user/djtreasurefan


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